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Okay, from now on, I will dedicate this LJ to share all of my stories and journey to watch Arashi 5x15 concert. haha.. and maybe some Arashi's related stuffs. (yeah, at least until I fulfil my dream)

So, this is the continuation from the previous story and also the history of my decision to dedicate myself to watch this year's 5x15 concert (after 8 years).

It started from my biggest disappointment to myself for not going to Arashi's Around Asia Concert in Thailand on 2006 (even though, the concert itself was cancelled due to a military coup d'├ętat), due to my senior high school's mandatory activity. After that, as I ever mentioned before, in the last year of my senior high school, I decided to watch them in Japan (hukz.. knowing that mostly they only perform in Japan).

After that, I decided to rush myself to join my only sister to study the undergraduate program in Japan. But, I realized that it was requiring a lot of dedication and motivation to fulfil all the scholarship requirements in less than half a year (english course, japanese language preparation, test, interview, etc.). So, I dropped it half way and focused to join national university (kind of a little bit regretting it now. But, I believed that God will always give me other better option). Then, I have a dream to join airlines company to get a free ticket to Japan (because the ticket price is really high).

In 2009, I also want to watch Arashi's 10th anniversary, but as a student, I didn't dare to ask my parents to pay the accommodation, etc (my parents needed to pay my sister's school and I. yeay, you know that the living expenses in Japan is crazily high enough and my study expenses also high). Then, after finishing my university in 2010, I tried to apply the airlines company, but failed to join the company and accepted in other companies. (hukz.. a really upsetting and sad moment)

After 2 years, in 2013, I realized that Arashi's member was getting oldeeerrrr... They're all reaching their 30s and suddenly, I felt that I have to meet them as soon as possible. Watching their concert with my eyes. Fulfilling my long time dream. I was afraid that I couldn't have a chance to watch them. Either I couldn't or they couldn't.. :( :( :( At that time, this one airlines company has a vacant position and I applied again with a stronger motivation to watch Arashi's concert in 2014 (5x15 is their precious moment. I'm afraid that I couldn't watch 5x20 or they will not reach their 5x20... NOOOOO.. *can't imagine it*).

So, here I am.. Working in airlines company with a position that is completely different with my previous education background. haha.. kind of regretting it, but I will try to hang on. I will try to fulfil my dream this year, them maybe I will move to other company.

Oh, and fortunately, at the end of 2012, my sister married with a japanese (like I have mentioned before, she was a university student in Japan and met this japanese guy in her university). She moved to Japan in the beginning of 2013 (the same timing with my decision to move to this airline company).

Then, after a year working in that company, since the beginning of 2014, I have my right to claim my free tickeeeettt...!!! and currently, I'm managing myself to watch 5x15 conceeerrttt (with some help from my sister)... At the beginning, I wanted to watch the concert in Tokyo, but on July, my brother-in-law was transferred to Osaka (doesn't really a problem).


I've already changed my itinerary to Osaka, but the biggest problem is to get the tickets (my sister and I don't have membership). Will hope some luck to end this long journey.. hahaha.. But, with a positive mind, currently I'm preparing my trip to Osaka at the end of November. (either will watch the concert or not, I will still go to Japan at the end of November. At least to visit my sister).


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