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Here I reveal some list of things, which take into my consideration, to support my end-of-Nov-2014 trip:

1. Getting a round-trip airline tickets

Like I stated in my other posts before, currently I'm working in Airline company for more than 1 year. That's why I can claim my right to have a free ticket.. kehkehkeh (finally).. So, I will pass this point with more ease.. haha.. *my hard-works finally will be paid*

So, I will book it sometime in September/October (before applying for Visa), with following some internal procedures (will not mention it here). Hopefully, there is available seats for employee, so that I can follow my plan at the end of Nov.

2. Preparing passport

Of course this is needed the most..

Yeay.. I've finally renew my passport for the 3rd time and by MYSELF. It was on May/June 2014. Hahaha.. Using the new procedure, to renew passport through online way. Haha.. kind of new experience, but the system is not that bad, especially when you go to the 1st Class Immigration Office (I went to Soekarno Hatta Immigration Office because near my office.. kehkeh.. Btw, this is 1st class and special immigration office.. You should try this one..)

Haha.. little bit disappointed with my photo there.. hukz.. will do better for next passport renewal. Oh, I regret that I didn't apply for the e-passport, because of the late announcement of new regulation by Japanese Embassy for Indonesia (about Indonesian that can pass Japan without visa, but they must have e-passport). If I knew it, I will make e-passport.. T.T

3. Making the itinerary

Actually, at the beginning of 2014, I've already made the itinerary for Tokyo Trip, sonce my sister and my brother-in-law worked there. But, he got transferred this June to Osaka, so I've create a new itinerary to visit Osaka. The itinerary is for 11 days and 10 nights. Mostly will go to some temples, museums, palace, garden/mountain (to watch the beautiful fall scenery), amusement park (Universal Studios Japan & Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan), etc. Will also visit Kobe, Nara, and Himeji. haha.. I made it with help from,, and other useful blogs. Just pm me if you want to get the details.

Kind of tight schedule.. But hopefully will still get some good things and get to go to watch concert.

4. Preparing all accommodations

For the stays, mostly I will stay at my sister's apartment (this really saving a lot of cost) and for the transportation there, will use mostly trains or buses. Haha.. I have already planned to only go to places that is easier to reach by public transportation. Then I also write down the transportation to go there in my itinerary plan. I managed it using This is a very useful website to get information about the public transportation in Japan (includes time, price, schedule, alternative ways, etc.)

5. Getting a Visa to enter Japan

Will try to apply it on September/October, after arrange the plane ticket, etc. Maybe it will be easier to use family visiting visa. haha.. so that, I will use my brother-in-law financial reports, instead of mine (didn't have much savings there.. kehkeh)

Maybe I will share the story later. But for now, I've already collected some information regarding the application and gathering all the data/materials needed

6. Getting the ticket concert

Will try some luck and help from my sister to get tickets to watch the concert. We didn't have the membership, and we thought that it will not effective to join membership these days, because there will be a lot of fans that also try to apply. The balloting system also pissing me off.. haha.. So, the probability is small enough.

The things that we will do is trying to get some luck, if there is general ticket selling, or maybe using other ticketing service, like, or else. And the most pathetic is buying it on the spot.. haha (begging others to sell their spare ticket).. hahaha.. the most random way right.. Hem.. if there is a will, there is a way.. Will pray to get the tickets. But, we will avoid to use auction way. Just don't like that kind of way and it's illegal (also disrespecting Arashi in some way)

7. Preparing other things (that will support my trip and concert's watching, also because end of Nov is Fall/Winter's season)

Yup.. End of Nov is between Fall/Winter Season. So, when I'm living in two seasons country, I really need to buy some things to support my body in unusual season, like fall/winter/summer. So, here some list of things that comes to my mind:
- Long Johns
- Winter Coats
- Hand Gloves
- Earmuff
- Scarf
- etc. (ex: thermal socks)

Then, to support my dream to watch the concert, here some things:
- Binoculars
- Camera (maybe with monopod.. kehkehkeh..)
- Concert goods (maybe I will just buy it on the spot)

Also, other things that can support my travel, like sunglasses (!?), cute passport cover, safety belt for luggage, and shoes (haha.. I only own flat shoes/high heels.. do not have the one that suitable for sports/long walks.. The last time I had it was 5 years ago.. kehkehkeh. So, it's time to have one, right.. hehehe)

Haha.. That's all.. See you..


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