Dec. 3rd, 2014

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Hellooooo... I'm Baaaacccckkkkk...

Hihihihihihi... Sorry for missing in action.. :P

So, for anybody that curious of my story, I will update my journey hereee.. In summary, finally, I went to Japan from 21-30 Nov 2014 (finally back to Japan after 10 years) and fulfil my dream to meet Arashi (after 8 yeaarrsss...!! **\ (T.T) /** BANZAI..!!)

I watched them with my own eyes at Digitalian concert on 28 November 2014 (the second day of Osaka performance). I bought the fan club (fc) ticket through online seller (with price almost 6x higher than the normal price and bad seat position at the very back line) a week before the performance date. I bought the ticket with knowing the consequences that there's possibility that I could anytime be kicked from the venue, because there's possibility that they would randomly check the name printed on fc ticket with your ID card. Yup, high risk high return. Remembering my 8 years of hardship, there's no way to back to my country, without trying all of the opportunities to watch them.

Oh, btw, actually I also tried to buy the ticket through general ticket sales (via phone), with some help of my sister, my brother in law and his mother (using more than 4 phones). But, it's very difficult to get it (even after more than 500 times of calling). *sigh*

Back to the story, 2 days after the payment, the ticket were coming and the name of the member was a MAN. *DAAAANG..!!* Okay, I'm not a Japanese and I'm not a man. This matter worried me the most. Whatever it's, at least I've tried it. With the help of my brother in law, he helped me to write a fake letter (using the member's name), saying that I'm his friend and saying that he supposed to attend the concert with me, but couldn't attend the concert.. blah blah blah..

At the concert day, I went there near the afternoon to buy the concert goods (after observing several days, got a clue that the goods lining were not that long in the afternoon) and set my Fan light inside Digitalian Area. I spent 10000yen to buy the goods, but still not enough to buy all things. I prioritized it to buy shopping bag (1800), rolling stamp (800), group poster(800), pouch(1000), fanlight(2500), mini uchiwa(400), venue limited edition medal (600), and pamphlet (2200). It's done less than 1 hour and I've a lot of free time from 1pm until 6pm (the gate opened at 4pm) and rounding around aeon mall accompanied by my sister. Lunch and shopping.

Near the 4pm, we went back to the gate area and short lining were there. Worriedly, I went to the checking area by myself (my sister didn't join me) and my heart was racing so fast. BUT, luckily, they only check my luggage whether I brought camera or not and they didn't check the name on the ticket at all.. GOSH.. Then, confidently, I searched the door number upstairs and my seat number. I was confused, because they security check was only once (in my country, they did twice to thrice security checks). I can also brought my own foods and drinks and they didn't care at all. The only thing that they cared the most were camera, video, and any copyright things. If you're caught, they would ask you to remove the photos and check whether your phone took any photos inside or not (I've seen they caught 2 groups did this and they waited beside them to ask them to remove the photos).

The area were still empty, till 5pm, and it's killing me, because they securities always rounding there to check the area (I've heard one story that there's possibility that they will ask to check your ticket and id inside the area). fiuh.. Those 2 hourrsss was killing meeeeee...

Actually, I was surprised, because this is the first time I've seen a concert that was really 'neat' and not crowded at all (compared to all korean concert in my country). Then, the area was full 15 minutes before the time.. WOOWW.. really neat and on time.. Maybe because all of the tickets has specific seating numbers, so you didn't have to tackle or scratch or push others to get good seat.. hihi.. Even the arena (or festival area) was all numbered seating. Oh gosh, when will my country have this kind of neat concert..

Finally, 6 PM..!!

They switched all the lamp off and the concert was started.. All the fan lights automatically changed its color with the intro of Asterisk.. THEN, I hear their live voices.. Unconsciously, my tears were dropping and couldn't stop. Sounds like a drama, but I've seen a flash filmstrip of my long long 8 years journey. What kind of all things that I've done before (see my previous post) to be here to watch them directly with my own eyes. I couldn't believe it.. "Am i dreaming?"

Thank you, God.. Finally, I could see them..

Haha.. Sorry, but this post has already long enough.. I will continue my story (the concert report) later in the next part.. Will also add some photos to this post later.. Byee..


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