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Like my previous post said before (1 month ago), so here is the summary of the concert report of Digitalian Concert on 28.11.2014 (2nd day of Osaka performance):

1 Asterisk

Like I said in my previous post, I cried so much hearing and seeing them from the first song. "Yume wa past time First time".. Yup.. Like my feeling.. Yume wa past time (dreaming of past time) and First Time.. For me, Asterisk was a good choice as a starter. It really energized the dome and the new song also catchy enough. At the beginning, all the fan lights synchronically changed its color into white (is there whitee..!?!? I thought the fan light could only change its color into 5 main colors only).. It really brought us the 'digitalian' feeling.. "universe universe" "satellite satellite" "fantasy" "supernova"

2 Take Off!!!!!

Sho's rap.. Followed by others' rap.. Okay, the flow was theree.. "are you ready... are you ready..." "coming up.. coming up.. baby.." "coming up.. coming up.. baby.." "coming up.. coming up.. baby.."

3 Wonderful

"Girl, you're wonderful... wonderful.. Girl, you're wonderful... wonder wonderful"

4 Welcome to our party

This familiar song.. Yup.. From the popcorn album.. "It's a party timeeeee...!!"

5 Bittersweet

Ah.. This song.. Wow, the fan lights could also change its color to pink..


Okay, the first part were done and it really amazed me.. Why? Because, with only 5 of them, in that very big dome (around 55000 audiences), they could grab every corner's attention to them. They moved from 1 corner to other corner.


In the first talk, they're talking about the fan lights (how beautiful the color of all the dome is, etc.) heart beat rate. As an illustration, at the beginning of the concert (even before the concert started), there're 5 bubbles (with dynamic numbers inside) on the screen. At first, I thought that it's for the time or just accent. But, later on, they revealed that the number showed each members' heartbeat. Sho talked to ochan, "so this is the 2nd day in Osaka. how's your condition Ohno?". Ohno said, "i'm good from onset". Then, matsujun said, "I'm 168" and nino teased him, "your heartbeat is the same with my height (168)..!?!?" hahaha.. (as I remember, aiba and jun has the highest heartbeat rate. and Sho was the lowest one)


6 Disco Star(Solo: Aiba)

Oh Goodness.. Okay, in this song, we're all trying hard to hold our laugh.. hahahaha.. In the beginning, Aiba appeared with his disco star's suit. Then, Aiba mixed the sexy dance + funny dance with thaaatt faceeee.. hahahaha.. and all the jrs. followed him everywhere around the stage.. hahahaha.. HILARIOUS.. he kept making us called him a 'disco star'. Seriously, I crowned Aiba as the best mvp again this year.. Gosh.. you can imagine his face doing some sexy-funny dance.. hahahaha.. I was trying so hard to hold my laugh, so that other fans not disturbed by me.. But, it turned out that other fans also laughed hard seeing his movement.. hahaha.. and all the jrs. like chicks following their mother.. hahahaha.. "I AM A DISCO STAAARRR..!!"

7 Hey Yeah!(Solo: Sho)

Sho spoke in ENGLIIISH.. I'm a little bit surprised.. The accent was good (above average of Japanese people), even though in some words, the accent was japanese-english.

"Hello, everyone. Today, I want to talk about the message of life. Before I get to the point, I want to ask you three things. One, what's your happiness? Two, what are your dreams? Three, who are you real people? (kind of confused with this sentence, but I supposed the meaning was 'who are your real people/friends?') You guys aren't sure, right? I want to share some tips with you all right now. Let's go"

So, those 3 questions appeared on the screen while he sang it. The solo seemed like sho really was talking to us and asking what our dream, our happiness, and our friends are.. Actually, after his solo, I started to curious about what's meaning/translation of his full song..

8 One Step

Another great song from this new album. Everybody sang together: "One step.. One step.. One step.."

9 Oh Yeah!(Arranged Version)
10 Hadashi no Mirai (Arranged Version)

They rearranged the intro for oh yeah! and hadashi no mirai to be more 'digitalian'.. hahaha.. Everyone was confused a bit hearing the intro and suddenly nodding our heads knowing that it was the intro of their popular songs.. haha..

Finally, I really couldn't believe it, that I could sing and dance together with them to this soonngg (hadashi no mirai).. One of my dream.. *sobs* "Kotoba janakute uwabe janakute.. Kazaranai de iru kara.. Hashaida mune no akogare wa zutto onaji sa.. Takanaru tension! Kitto no reason! Todokisou na ashita e.. Hadashi no mirai e kono mama.. Yukeba ii"

"Nana.. Nana.. Na.. Na.. CLAP CLAP and CLAP"

11 Love Wonderland

Haha.. Actually, not much room for doing the fan chant in this song.. So, the audience just listened to their beautiful voice.. hihi



In this section, they kept teasing Aiba so much.. haha.. They started to tease Aiba about his solo.. Lol. Jun imitated Aiba's 'remarkable' pose and Sho laughed sooooooooo hard. He laughed too much, till turned around, and kept laughing on his own. Haha. Poor you, Aibaaaa..

After that, Sho asked to other members about what they're doing at the day before yesterday (26/11) inside the dressing room (Sho was the MC, so he didn't know what they're doing at the back). Nino (and Aiba) mentioned that they're practicing for the cool medley (at the best artist 2014, in arashi part, they ask the viewer to choose the medley between cool medley-truth&daremoshiranai or hot medley-troublemaker&GUTS! hehe.. Unfortunately, the viewer chose hot medley over cool medley (so did I.. haha). Arashi thought that because that day was riida's birthday, the viewer would choose the cool medley, so they're practicing hard to the song.. haha.. poor riidaaa..).

Then, it's also revealed that Aiba practiced hard to the Tackey & Tsubasa song (at the best artist, tsubasa couldn't appear to the show caused by the meniere disease. So, they made the special stage. Tackey with the help of KAT-TUN's Kame, NEWS' Massu, Kanjani 8's Yokoyama, Arashi's Aiba, and all Hey! Say! JUMP members). Then, others teased Aiba (again), because he's practicing hard for yume monogatari song and the tension was high, but not for their song (Road to Glory).. hahahaha.. Pooorrr Aibaaa..

As for Matsujun, he's busy with the digitalian concert's preparation at the dressing room. Then the last person, RIIDAA.. hahahaha... They said that Riida kept playing with his mobile phone (playing the pazudora-puzzle&dragon), but insisted that he intensely watched Nino & Aiba's practice to the cool medley, while his mind kept thinking of pazudora.. haha.. So, they're teasing him, because they're practicing hard for riida's song, but he kept playing pazudora.. haha..

Then, Jun said that in fact, people that too much play phone, usually will get hurt if you pinch their hand (between thumb and index finger). Then, he pinched ohno's hand and Ohno screamed, "itai itai itai ITAIIIII..".. Then, the second time jun tried to pinch his hand, Ohno dodged it and suddenly said, "Don't touch me.. I know you like me, but don;t touch me".. (kyaaaa.. juntoshi moment)

After that, Jun and Ohno went to the backstage, then Aiba, Sho, and Nino did the jankenpo (rock-paper-scissor) to promote their new drama/movie/performance. Start from Aiba (debikuro), then Sho, and then Nino. There's one moment where nino jokingly badmouthing ohno, then suddenly ohno came from the back stage with his innocent look.. haha..


12 My Girl
13 Merry Christmas(Solo: Nino)

Nino appeared with his guitar..!! also with the standing mic. At the beginning, the screens were in black & white (our fan lights were all turned off), then after some time, the screens were all in color and the fan lights turned to yellow, white, red, and green. From others con report, it's said that there will be “Merry Xmas” word written with all of the fan lights. haha.. since I sat at the very back in the middle area, I couldn't see that..

14 STAY GOLD(Solo: Jun)

One word: AWESOME.. “Flash” “Spark” “Image” “Erase” “Bounce” “Reflect” “Breath” “Dance”

15 Imaging Crazy(Solo: Ohno)

His performance was good.. Typically like his other solo, it has some similar feeling (the song type and the dance type). I could see him clearly in the big screen and it was really good. Especially, his voiceeeeee.. haha.. I don't think that I need to explain this anymore to all of you.. Indeed he's the leader.

16 Tell me why
18 Troublemaker(Arranged Version)
19 Lucky Man(Arranged Version)

Again, they rearranged the troublemaker and lucky man, so that we couldn't know the song just from the intro. We're all sang together in those 2 songs, especially lucky man, because sho invited us to sing together. When I say "Lucky" you say "Man".. Luckyyy.. MAANNN.. lucky.. MAAAANN.. Everybody screaaaaammm..


-Accent Production-

This part was veeeeeery coooolll... At the beginning, Ohno appeared alone and moved his finger like a gesture of someone that played piano, then the blue light/string appeared in the giant screen. He did that several times, until Jun appeared and clicking his finger. He's cooly clicking his hand with the clicking sound and purple light appeared on the screen. Then nino appeared and moved his hand in the air, then the yellow light and sound appeared (I supposed, it was the sound of guitar). He moved his hand in 3 ways (the height of his chest, upper head, and the bottom - the height of stomach) and it also potrayed 3 different musical notes.. Haha.. I think, his part was the most difficult one, because he needs to understand and moving his hand either the low, middle, or high musical tones. haha.. Okay, not surprised, remembering the fact that he's member with the best musical skill. Sho appeared with the gesture of punching in the air to the bottom, then the sound of drum appeared. Then, he suddenly punched the air to the upper head and no drum sounds, BUT all of our fanlight changed into REEEEED.. beautiful..

Once more, we're all surprised by how cool the technology is and the gasping sounds roared inside dome. Sho repeatedly punched the bottom again, then to the upper head several times (the fanlight worked really well. COOOOOLLLL..!!!), until Aiba appeared. Aiba moved his hand from left to right and suddenly many green lights sequentially shoot from left to right (horizontally from the center of stage into the audience), like a gunshot with the sounds like electric guitar. The he moved his hand from right to left and moved both his hands from right and left to the center and did that several times with that cool green light shooting. Then, all of them synchronized their instrument and making a sound of music (with the lights and their own gestures). That was the beginning or intro of hope in the darkness song.

20 Hope in the darkness

All members constantly in their playing-specific-instrument gestures, with the lights on the screen, fanlight, and the light shooting. I personally like it, because it was the best part of the concert, because we could feel the 'digitalian' aspect there.

21 Zero-G

Haha.. The highlight of this concert.. Everybody knew the song and song together at some parts.. Okay, truthfully, after seen the PV making, I really concerned at 'so tell me what you want' part.. hahaha.. (you should try to watch the making to understand what I mean.. Where Jun was continuously kidding at that part and made other members laugh).. Haha.. But, nothing happened at the concert.. haha.. But, I was trying so hard not to laugh at that part. On the other hand, shouted at that part.. hehe.. "SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT"

After Zero G, they said thank you and goodbye to all of us. Some of the fans didn't believe that the show ended that fast (the clock pointed at 8pm). Haha.. Actually, I have already known, that there will be encore of Arashi's medley song to celebrate their 15th anniversary.



After some time, the screen was appearing the countdown. Then all of us counted down from 5 4 3 2 1..!!

22 A・RA・SHI (1999)

Taraaaa... There were 5 air balloons appearing from 2 corners as they started to sing A.RA.SHI.. Each balloons has a collage picture of their albums. Thanks to that, for all fans that sat at the back could also saw their face near enough.

As for me, the energies from all of the fans were really hyped up from the beginning of the medley to the end of the medley, since these were songs that everybody knew very well. We're all singing and dancing together at the highlight of each songs. Sadly, for some songs, they're only sang the refrain part. So, each song represented the year from the debut (1999) to present. They showed it on screen.

24 Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga iru (2001)
25 a Day in Our Life (2002)
26 Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono (2003)

Overall, we all did the fan chanting to all the 15 anniversary medley songs.. hahaha.. The happiest moment..

Too bad, they dropped pikanchi double (2004) from the concert list.. They sang the song at fukuoka concert.. T.T In fact that pikanchi double is my most favorite song and the one that made me love arashi.

27 Sakura Sake (2005)
That danceeee... Finally could dance together with them.. "Sakuraaa Sakeee. Kimi no mune no naka de yureteta. Chiisa na tsubomi yo"

They also dropped the kitto daijoubu (2006) from the concert list and listed love so sweet.

28 Love so sweet (2007)
29 Happiness (2007)
30 One Love (2008)

Unfortunately, jun didn't get the right pitch in his solo. T.T Why juuuunnn.... Then, as usual, ohno helped him.. At last, we're synchronically dancing together to this song.

They also dropped the Believe (2009)

31 Monster (2010)
32 Meikyuu Love Song (2011)

The last song that they dropped: wild at heart (2012)

33 Calling (2013)
34 Daremo Shiranai (2014)
35 GUTS! (2014)

Even though the dance for GUTS! was kind of difficult (for me.. haha), but we're danced together with them.. "Yume to kibou no pare-do.. Yorokobi e to kaji wo tore"



Ah, finally, the last talk part before they ended the show.

The first greeting done by Sho. He surprised that we can follow guts! dance really well, even though it's hard. He's very happy to see everyone dancing together with them. Then, tell us that he's worried that we will hit someone beside us.. haha..

Then, the greetings followed by Ohno, then Aiba, and Nino. In his moment, Nino teased Ohno and Aiba. He said, "Truthfully, I didn't know what to say, because 2 person before me (Ohno) talked to no subject, one person before me (Aiba) has weightless content" hahahahaha.. Then, nino said that he's hoping to continue till 16 anniversary, 20, 30, 40.. and then, teased riida again, "Oh, at that time, I will be 31 and riida riida will be 74. Can you keep dancing in that age?" Riida replied, "Of course". (This conversation was precious to me, because they really thought they will continue to be 'Arashi'. *sobs*)

At the end of nino's part, he talked about he's like in some sort of weightless space (maybe because the theme was digitalian). Because of that, he didn't feel tired and his stomach seemed 'flat'. But, after back to the dressing room, the 'tired' feeling will be back. After that, when he's back to his place and passed it to Jun, Jun suddenly touched nino's stomach to confirm that the nino's stomach was still flat.. Haha, and then Jun's jokingly said, "it doesn't seem flat", and nino replied, "because the concert will end, that's why it's not flat anymore" *kehkehkeh.. oh ninooo..*


36 Kimi no Yume wo Miteita

Yup, that's the end of my journey to watch their concert.. It's great because I attended their precious 15 anniversary concert after 8 years, then the moment was special because it's near ohno's birthday. I'm really grateful to watch a concert, where jun directly gave command to the concert's concept and saw directly to ochan's choreography (zero g song).. PRECIOUS.. Because that moment was too precious, I don't want to ruin it by went to their concert every year.. Okay, I will watch their concert in the next 2-3 years.. :) :) :)

Actually, there's no regret in my life (even if today's my last day).. I feel at ease.. It's time for me to catch my other dreams.. See you Arashiii..


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