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Hahahaha.. Fiuh, What a Hectic Week..!! Because, I needed to manage all of the preorder things (buying, sorting, wrapping, and delivering more than 45 packages) and also did my last week's pending work (of course from my current company).. and FINALLY, it's done.. (hopefully)

Yup, as usual, I want to give some update about my second trip to watch Arashi Concert (Japonism), but the first subject isn't about concert report, but the concert goods report.. huahahahahahahaha..

Okay, let the story begins..

This year, truthfully, I didn't do a lot of preparation to watch the concert (compared to last year), maybe because this is my second time.. hehe.. As usual, I need to make a smart round trip planning ahead to utilize my annual free airplane ticket, so i decided to start it from Bali (so that I can make use of my free ticket to go to Japan, Korea, and Thailand till next year's trip plan). It's very nerve-racking, because the plane was all full (employee's ticket will have less priority) from Jakarta to Bali and the main reason was because I decided to depart a day before the concert daaayyy.. Dududu.. I went to Bali at 8pm on 25th Nov, then arrived at 11pm, then connected my flight to Kansai international (boarding at 00:15am).. Thanks God, my company holds a 5-Star Airlines predicate and their services are EXCELLENT (other than local competitors).. haha.. I can't imagine if I miss the flight.. :( :( Therefore, it's all on schedule and I arrived at Osaka at 8:30 am on 26th November.. yeaayyy.. I can watch them on Riida's Birthday..

This time, because my older sister is pregnant with her first baby, I decided to go from airport to her house ALONE.. Haha.. Found some difficulties in using the prepaid card top up machine and I almost lost my things.. T.T But, thanks God, it's all ok and I succeed to arrive at her home around 10:30 am.. yeaayy.. Then I took a bath, ate, and beautify myself and left the house at 12:00pm to the kyocera dome (i brought medium luggage) with my sister to buy some goods and watch the concert..

*please see the part 2 to read my full story about buying a lot of concert goods and some feedbacks*

Actually, at the beginning, I didn't have interest to open the preorder, because I thought that it's such a hassle thing (you have to decide the price, take order, buy, pack, and do some deliveries). Truthfully, I always want to try my own business and start it with small online shop, but my will was always goneee, whenever I remember that it's such a hassle thing.. hahaha.. Especially when I still can afford to buy things with my own salary.. But thanks to [ profile] maimailove13, she encouraged me and gave me some useful tips to start the preorder things (haha.. too bad, couldn't meet her, because of my packed schedule in buying all of concert goods and other things). Yup, indeed i needed it, because truthfully, I didn't really plan to watch their concert again this year and I also didn't plan to go to japan this year (since my sister already went to Indonesia last October and we will have a trip to Korea on December), also my annual leave has been useedd for Japan trip last March/April.. That's the reason behind my short trip (26-29 Nov).. haha.. I only have the remaining 2 days of my annual leave and I used it for watching Arashi.. haha..

Wandering aimlessly between took the preorder or not, I randomly asked one of Arashindo Forum's Admin, [ profile] anggieninomiya that I knew since 2006.. haha.. Either can I promote my preorder inside forum or not, because the forum rules is pretty strict (we cannot sell without permission). Haha.. Then, she and her sister's very entushiastic and welcoming my plan. Of course, very supportive to help me promote my preorder in all media and some suggestions.. Haha.. That's when I decided to go with the flow and did my best to take the preorder.. Thank you, Gie-chan and Kak La-Rush.. Love both of you.. That's why I really love Arashindo Forum. Eventhough I'm not an active member anymore, but they still think of me as one of their family.. hahaha.. That's why they call all of their members as AIFAM (ArashIndo FAMily)..

Some teasers for the part 2.. hahaha.. :P (Click here to go to the part 2)

Date: 2015-12-04 03:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's my first time to be notified about being tagged in a post. LOl. I'm happy for you! How much did you make? :D

The best seller for me is the Calendar and Blanket. 20 calendars and 13 blankets. Yours is amazing!!! 38 calendars!!! <3

When did you bought them? I queued on the 28th around 1pm and it took me 2.5 hours to be finished.. Nino seems to be the most popular among your buyers. :D

Date: 2015-12-05 12:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha.. Really sorry, if the tagging was disturbing you..

Actually, I didn't take lot of margin like others.. haha.. but, that was great, especially for first timer like me.. :) :) It feels like I found a new passion to be a businesswoman rather than workers. haha..

Calendar and Drawstring pouch are the best one.. Wow, 13 blankets.. I can imagine it fill most of your baggage space, because the size's very big, even though it's light

I bought it on the same day.. 26th.. that's why i forgot to contact you, because it's really hectic between 25th and 26th (flying from indonesia to japan and directly went to the dome).. haha.. very sorry..

It took me around 2 hours or more to buy all of the goods.. thanks to my sister that help me to buy things.. Yup, definitely.. In my country, the most popular one is nino.. haha.. sho and ohno is after that (about the same).. then jun and the last is aiba.. haha.. *sorry aiba*

Wow, you watched them 2 times? it's great this year, because from my seat, there's so much nino, jun, and ohno's appearances there.. :) :)


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