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Continuing the first part of my post, here is the continuation..

After we (my older sister and I) arrived in kyocera dome around 1pm with the medium-sized baggage, we bought the goods.. The funniest thing was both of us really worried on how to buy 38 calendars and 14 drawstring pouchs, when the rules said that max 5pcs/item/person.. hahahaha.. At the time we arrived there, there is no queue and at one point it's EMPTY.. hahahahaha.. Of course all of the staffs saw us and maybe some of them remember our faces, because at that time, they didn't have any transactions. Worriedly, we went to the back and organize our goods into the baggage, because it's very heavy. THEN, God Save Us.. Hahaha.. There's a lot of people coming to buy goods (maybe they're all arrived from JR line train) and we sneaked into the line for another 3/4 rounds.. hahahaha..

Finally, we managed to buy more than 100 items (will be divided into more than 45 packages).. hahahaha.. That's real crazy, because the goods couldn't fit into medium-size baggage and we need to carry it using my Arashi's shopping bags.. hahahaha.. Thanks to my older sister, to help this selfish sister, eventhough she's pregnant.. kehkehkeh.. Fyi, she doesn't like idol and she's only helped me to buy things and helped me carry the baggage, when I watched the concert.. haha.. "Sorry, Tolly.."







At 29th November, I went back home. It's good that I could pass the customs area in Indonesia Airport.. fiuh.. Can't imagine if I need to move to the red line. Then, I celebrated my mom's birthday.. hehe

A day after that, I organized all of things and struggled to wrap all of more than 45 packages. It took a lot of time, because I wrap it very carefully and finally, it's done within 3 days (to be exact, 4 hours per day, after office hours). Because those're precious things for a fangirl/boy and i know the upset feeling of getting your package ruined because of stupid way to wrap the package, especially when it's really expensive.. :( :( So that's why, I want to wrap it as safe as possible.. Wohoo.. I was struggling to wrap it, starting from using newspaper for the core items, then wrap it again with customized (i need to cut it one by one.. T.T) cardboard box (i bought many boxes that's thick enough for idr1000/pcs), then wrap it again with newspaper (so that they can easily open the package), then the last, wrap it all with brown duct tape (idr16000/pcs), because this' rainy season and I don't want my packages ruined by rain water.. T.T Then, apply the address.. Haha.. To be honest, I use a looooooot of newspaper, cardboard box, and duct tapes.. And my mom helped me a lot to wrap it.. hahaha.. Thank you, moomm (truthfully, I can't say it directly to her.. kehkehkeh).. After that, my dad and my brother helped me to send packages to the courier.. :) Thanks too, Dad and Liem.. hahaha..

Below are some feedbacks from them (thanks God, so far I received positive feedbacks from all of them)

It's great that all of the feedbacks were postive (without complaint, even though there's 1 case related with the courier) and some of them really great (praising about the packacing-my mom and my hardwork paid off.. :) :), the fast delivery-even though it depends on the courier.. hehe.. and some asking me to do another PO).. hehehe.. Thank you, all.. But, in my opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is the happiness of all fans that can get all the goods and be closer to their lovely one.. :) :) It really encourages me to take a new step to another world. Maybe sometimes in the future, I can achieve my other dreams to open my own business in the future.. :) :) Lastly, hopefully i can reopen another PO next time and THANK YOU, AAAALLLLLL..!!

*Maybe, I will update the concert report sometimes.. My health keeps dropping because of the hectic day.. hukz.. Caught some cold.. sneezing, coughing, etc. hopefully, before my korea trip*
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