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I knew Arashi since 2006. That was in my third year of senior high school. Because of them, I found a new dream. Lifetime target that I really want to achieve. That's to meet them and watch their concert.. LIVE by using my own eyes.

Since then, my life seems only revolve around that dreams.

Since I didn't earn my own money and I didn't dare to ask my parent to support the trip to Japan (because I know that it will be very pricey, even just for 1 single roundtrip airplane ticket - it could cost around $1000 and also because my university's fee was very expensive), I have thought a lot of ways to achieve my dream. Like, applying to Japan's uni (but at the end, I chose to stay in my country), join a quiz, etc.

Then, 1 idea appeared in my head. One day, after finish my education, I HAVE TO join any airlines company, so that I can get a free ticket. And HERE I AM. Joining airlines company since last year (after several times failed) and waiting to be promoted as permanent employee (hopefully to be promoted.. AMEN. So that, I an issue my free ticket to Japan). Hopefully that after 8 years of waiting, I can fulfil my dream this year.. That is to watch Arashi's concert.. TO MEET THEM..!!! :s_smile :s_smile :s_smile

God is also kind to me, because my sister was married to Japanese (last year, too) and moved to Japan. So, it will really help to reduce my accommodation cost.

So, this LJ will be dedicated to my journey to achieve my dream.. Watch Arashi concert in Japan.. hihihi..
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