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Finally, bought a sporty shoes. haha.. The last time I have it was more than 5 year ago.. haha.. Since the last one had broken, I only collected the flat shoes or heels.

But, I need a sporty shoes to complete my list to the Japan trip.. haha.. Because of the fall/winter season and I will need it to long walking. So, this week, I bought the Adidas shoes. yeaaayyyy... *celebrating* Below is the picture of my new shoes:


Hihi.. with some help from my friends, I chose this one. This is Adidas Originals Dragon W. Here some details if you never heard of Adidas Dragon (I also never heard of it.. hihi):
"Dragons are a welcome addition to the Adidas line of retro running shoes. They have rubber soles, and suede and mesh uppers. They feature the classic three stripes design on the sign, and the Adidas flower on the heel. They have cushioned foot beds and mostly flat gum outsoles. Adidas Dragons come in men and children's sizes. The children's version has Velcro closure, instead of laces."

Kind of funny, because this dragon line is rarely to find (I bought it not from official Adidas store, but inside debenhams-department store). Hem.. Maybe, it's not produced anymore. Or maybe like the description above, currently they are only producing it for men and children. hem.. not sure. I'm really lucky to find it (also with hidden discounted price) hahaha.. So, in general, this shoes are really light.. The approximately weight is 300-400gr. VERY LIGHT, riiiggghhttt.. hahahaha.. The mesh upper also gave some cooling effect in the hot weather. On contrary, warm effect in the cold weather. Hopefully, it's strong enough to join my journey in Japan.

Haha.. Actually, there's also some hidden motive in choosing Adidas brand. Becauseee, I'm falling in love with Germanyyy, especially Germany National Football Team (since 2006.. Yup, like I stated on my previous post. I love their performance in 2006. Because of them, I got a chance to know Arashi.. :):):) )
Yuhuuu... I also want to buy their anthem jacket, but the price is really expensive.. Hopefully, my friend will buy it for me for my birthday.. haha.. :P :P *I wish*


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