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Continuing the first part of my post, here is the continuation..

After we (my older sister and I) arrived in kyocera dome around 1pm with the medium-sized baggage, we bought the goods.. The funniest thing was both of us really worried on how to buy 38 calendars and 14 drawstring pouchs, when the rules said that max 5pcs/item/person.. hahahaha.. At the time we arrived there, there is no queue and at one point it's EMPTY.. hahahahaha.. Of course all of the staffs saw us and maybe some of them remember our faces, because at that time, they didn't have any transactions. Worriedly, we went to the back and organize our goods into the baggage, because it's very heavy. THEN, God Save Us.. Hahaha.. There's a lot of people coming to buy goods (maybe they're all arrived from JR line train) and we sneaked into the line for another 3/4 rounds.. hahahaha..

Finally, we managed to buy more than 100 items (will be divided into more than 45 packages).. hahahaha.. That's real crazy, because the goods couldn't fit into medium-size baggage and we need to carry it using my Arashi's shopping bags.. hahahaha.. Thanks to my older sister, to help this selfish sister, eventhough she's pregnant.. kehkehkeh.. Fyi, she doesn't like idol and she's only helped me to buy things and helped me carry the baggage, when I watched the concert.. haha.. "Sorry, Tolly.."







At 29th November, I went back home. It's good that I could pass the customs area in Indonesia Airport.. fiuh.. Can't imagine if I need to move to the red line. Then, I celebrated my mom's birthday.. hehe

A day after that, I organized all of things and struggled to wrap all of more than 45 packages. It took a lot of time, because I wrap it very carefully and finally, it's done within 3 days (to be exact, 4 hours per day, after office hours). Because those're precious things for a fangirl/boy and i know the upset feeling of getting your package ruined because of stupid way to wrap the package, especially when it's really expensive.. :( :( So that's why, I want to wrap it as safe as possible.. Wohoo.. I was struggling to wrap it, starting from using newspaper for the core items, then wrap it again with customized (i need to cut it one by one.. T.T) cardboard box (i bought many boxes that's thick enough for idr1000/pcs), then wrap it again with newspaper (so that they can easily open the package), then the last, wrap it all with brown duct tape (idr16000/pcs), because this' rainy season and I don't want my packages ruined by rain water.. T.T Then, apply the address.. Haha.. To be honest, I use a looooooot of newspaper, cardboard box, and duct tapes.. And my mom helped me a lot to wrap it.. hahaha.. Thank you, moomm (truthfully, I can't say it directly to her.. kehkehkeh).. After that, my dad and my brother helped me to send packages to the courier.. :) Thanks too, Dad and Liem.. hahaha..

Below are some feedbacks from them (thanks God, so far I received positive feedbacks from all of them)

It's great that all of the feedbacks were postive (without complaint, even though there's 1 case related with the courier) and some of them really great (praising about the packacing-my mom and my hardwork paid off.. :) :), the fast delivery-even though it depends on the courier.. hehe.. and some asking me to do another PO).. hehehe.. Thank you, all.. But, in my opinion, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is the happiness of all fans that can get all the goods and be closer to their lovely one.. :) :) It really encourages me to take a new step to another world. Maybe sometimes in the future, I can achieve my other dreams to open my own business in the future.. :) :) Lastly, hopefully i can reopen another PO next time and THANK YOU, AAAALLLLLL..!!

*Maybe, I will update the concert report sometimes.. My health keeps dropping because of the hectic day.. hukz.. Caught some cold.. sneezing, coughing, etc. hopefully, before my korea trip*
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Hahahaha.. Fiuh, What a Hectic Week..!! Because, I needed to manage all of the preorder things (buying, sorting, wrapping, and delivering more than 45 packages) and also did my last week's pending work (of course from my current company).. and FINALLY, it's done.. (hopefully)

Yup, as usual, I want to give some update about my second trip to watch Arashi Concert (Japonism), but the first subject isn't about concert report, but the concert goods report.. huahahahahahahaha..

Okay, let the story begins..

This year, truthfully, I didn't do a lot of preparation to watch the concert (compared to last year), maybe because this is my second time.. hehe.. As usual, I need to make a smart round trip planning ahead to utilize my annual free airplane ticket, so i decided to start it from Bali (so that I can make use of my free ticket to go to Japan, Korea, and Thailand till next year's trip plan). It's very nerve-racking, because the plane was all full (employee's ticket will have less priority) from Jakarta to Bali and the main reason was because I decided to depart a day before the concert daaayyy.. Dududu.. I went to Bali at 8pm on 25th Nov, then arrived at 11pm, then connected my flight to Kansai international (boarding at 00:15am).. Thanks God, my company holds a 5-Star Airlines predicate and their services are EXCELLENT (other than local competitors).. haha.. I can't imagine if I miss the flight.. :( :( Therefore, it's all on schedule and I arrived at Osaka at 8:30 am on 26th November.. yeaayyy.. I can watch them on Riida's Birthday..

This time, because my older sister is pregnant with her first baby, I decided to go from airport to her house ALONE.. Haha.. Found some difficulties in using the prepaid card top up machine and I almost lost my things.. T.T But, thanks God, it's all ok and I succeed to arrive at her home around 10:30 am.. yeaayy.. Then I took a bath, ate, and beautify myself and left the house at 12:00pm to the kyocera dome (i brought medium luggage) with my sister to buy some goods and watch the concert..

*please see the part 2 to read my full story about buying a lot of concert goods and some feedbacks*

Actually, at the beginning, I didn't have interest to open the preorder, because I thought that it's such a hassle thing (you have to decide the price, take order, buy, pack, and do some deliveries). Truthfully, I always want to try my own business and start it with small online shop, but my will was always goneee, whenever I remember that it's such a hassle thing.. hahaha.. Especially when I still can afford to buy things with my own salary.. But thanks to [ profile] maimailove13, she encouraged me and gave me some useful tips to start the preorder things (haha.. too bad, couldn't meet her, because of my packed schedule in buying all of concert goods and other things). Yup, indeed i needed it, because truthfully, I didn't really plan to watch their concert again this year and I also didn't plan to go to japan this year (since my sister already went to Indonesia last October and we will have a trip to Korea on December), also my annual leave has been useedd for Japan trip last March/April.. That's the reason behind my short trip (26-29 Nov).. haha.. I only have the remaining 2 days of my annual leave and I used it for watching Arashi.. haha..

Wandering aimlessly between took the preorder or not, I randomly asked one of Arashindo Forum's Admin, [ profile] anggieninomiya that I knew since 2006.. haha.. Either can I promote my preorder inside forum or not, because the forum rules is pretty strict (we cannot sell without permission). Haha.. Then, she and her sister's very entushiastic and welcoming my plan. Of course, very supportive to help me promote my preorder in all media and some suggestions.. Haha.. That's when I decided to go with the flow and did my best to take the preorder.. Thank you, Gie-chan and Kak La-Rush.. Love both of you.. That's why I really love Arashindo Forum. Eventhough I'm not an active member anymore, but they still think of me as one of their family.. hahaha.. That's why they call all of their members as AIFAM (ArashIndo FAMily)..

Some teasers for the part 2.. hahaha.. :P (Click here to go to the part 2)

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Like my previous post said before (1 month ago), so here is the summary of the concert report of Digitalian Concert on 28.11.2014 (2nd day of Osaka performance):

1 Asterisk

Like I said in my previous post, I cried so much hearing and seeing them from the first song. "Yume wa past time First time".. Yup.. Like my feeling.. Yume wa past time (dreaming of past time) and First Time.. For me, Asterisk was a good choice as a starter. It really energized the dome and the new song also catchy enough. At the beginning, all the fan lights synchronically changed its color into white (is there whitee..!?!? I thought the fan light could only change its color into 5 main colors only).. It really brought us the 'digitalian' feeling.. "universe universe" "satellite satellite" "fantasy" "supernova"

2 Take Off!!!!!
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Hellooooo... I'm Baaaacccckkkkk...

Hihihihihihi... Sorry for missing in action.. :P

So, for anybody that curious of my story, I will update my journey hereee.. In summary, finally, I went to Japan from 21-30 Nov 2014 (finally back to Japan after 10 years) and fulfil my dream to meet Arashi (after 8 yeaarrsss...!! **\ (T.T) /** BANZAI..!!)

I watched them with my own eyes at Digitalian concert on 28 November 2014 (the second day of Osaka performance). I bought the fan club (fc) ticket through online seller (with price almost 6x higher than the normal price and bad seat position at the very back line) a week before the performance date. I bought the ticket with knowing the consequences that there's possibility that I could anytime be kicked from the venue, because there's possibility that they would randomly check the name printed on fc ticket with your ID card. Yup, high risk high return. Remembering my 8 years of hardship, there's no way to back to my country, without trying all of the opportunities to watch them.

Oh, btw, actually I also tried to buy the ticket through general ticket sales (via phone), with some help of my sister, my brother in law and his mother (using more than 4 phones). But, it's very difficult to get it (even after more than 500 times of calling). *sigh*

Back to the story, 2 days after the payment, the ticket were coming and the name of the member was a MAN. *DAAAANG..!!* Okay, I'm not a Japanese and I'm not a man. This matter worried me the most. Whatever it's, at least I've tried it. With the help of my brother in law, he helped me to write a fake letter (using the member's name), saying that I'm his friend and saying that he supposed to attend the concert with me, but couldn't attend the concert.. blah blah blah..

At the concert day, I went there near the afternoon to buy the concert goods (after observing several days, got a clue that the goods lining were not that long in the afternoon) and set my Fan light inside Digitalian Area. I spent 10000yen to buy the goods, but still not enough to buy all things. I prioritized it to buy shopping bag (1800), rolling stamp (800), group poster(800), pouch(1000), fanlight(2500), mini uchiwa(400), venue limited edition medal (600), and pamphlet (2200). It's done less than 1 hour and I've a lot of free time from 1pm until 6pm (the gate opened at 4pm) and rounding around aeon mall accompanied by my sister. Lunch and shopping.

Near the 4pm, we went back to the gate area and short lining were there. Worriedly, I went to the checking area by myself (my sister didn't join me) and my heart was racing so fast. BUT, luckily, they only check my luggage whether I brought camera or not and they didn't check the name on the ticket at all.. GOSH.. Then, confidently, I searched the door number upstairs and my seat number. I was confused, because they security check was only once (in my country, they did twice to thrice security checks). I can also brought my own foods and drinks and they didn't care at all. The only thing that they cared the most were camera, video, and any copyright things. If you're caught, they would ask you to remove the photos and check whether your phone took any photos inside or not (I've seen they caught 2 groups did this and they waited beside them to ask them to remove the photos).

The area were still empty, till 5pm, and it's killing me, because they securities always rounding there to check the area (I've heard one story that there's possibility that they will ask to check your ticket and id inside the area). fiuh.. Those 2 hourrsss was killing meeeeee...

Actually, I was surprised, because this is the first time I've seen a concert that was really 'neat' and not crowded at all (compared to all korean concert in my country). Then, the area was full 15 minutes before the time.. WOOWW.. really neat and on time.. Maybe because all of the tickets has specific seating numbers, so you didn't have to tackle or scratch or push others to get good seat.. hihi.. Even the arena (or festival area) was all numbered seating. Oh gosh, when will my country have this kind of neat concert..

Finally, 6 PM..!!

They switched all the lamp off and the concert was started.. All the fan lights automatically changed its color with the intro of Asterisk.. THEN, I hear their live voices.. Unconsciously, my tears were dropping and couldn't stop. Sounds like a drama, but I've seen a flash filmstrip of my long long 8 years journey. What kind of all things that I've done before (see my previous post) to be here to watch them directly with my own eyes. I couldn't believe it.. "Am i dreaming?"

Thank you, God.. Finally, I could see them..

Haha.. Sorry, but this post has already long enough.. I will continue my story (the concert report) later in the next part.. Will also add some photos to this post later.. Byee..


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