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Time to fill this LJ blog with my first post about my first experience knowing Arashi. My first and most favorite artist..

Yup.. I knew them (in 2006) from my senior high school friend, Cella (I usually called her as ‘omce’ or ‘om’ or sometimes ‘cel’ or ‘cella’→ you’ll know the reason if you know her.. hihi).. I knew her, since my second year in Santa Ursula, Jakarta, because I was her classmate.. In my third year, she also became my classmate and that was my first time in sitting around her.. WOOWW..!! She’s really amusing, if you know her (besides her similar name, with my baptism name, ‘Marcella’)..!! hahahaha… I never found someone like her, who act more manly that the real man (that’s true.. believed me.. She is the type that will let other to pass the door first and spontaneously grab chair or table to help people).. She also not shamed to show her true self, like laughing and freaking something she loved.. She never afraid and took a heart, what other’s prejudices being freak like her, as long she believed the things she did is right.. The truth is, I’m the type that always afraid of what people think about me (yes, I do.. that badly, until I knew her) and will always took the safest way (follower) in communities..

After 1 year and knew her closer, since she is sat next to me, I really am interested of her ‘unique’ personality.. haha.. (hope her never see this blog.. haha.. :P).. haha.. I can also bravely said, she’s like my ‘hero’.. I admired her in the deepest of my heart.. haha.. *the truth is I’ve just realized it, when writing this post.. :P* L-A-M-B-A-N.. haha.. She also really good at drawing, using adobe, learning Japanese (oh, she took the same Japanese language’s extracurricular class, like me→ 2 years), also in IT.. Yup.. Everyone in my class awarded her as the number one ‘high tech girl’ in our school and the number two is awarded to me.. haha.. So, we are really connected each other when talking about IT terms, since there’s nobody that can balance my interest of IT.. It is really boring, when you couldn’t discuss your favorite subject with people around you, right? It’s like alien in humba-humba planet.. haha.. I learned IT in my junior high school, but all of my friends only learned it just for their formality and after the junior high is over, they forgot all the knowledge.. ☹ So, the things that I’ve done before met her is learned all IT terms, especially Internet and many cheats, just autodidactic (because it’s not taught in formal education, right? haha..)

Since that end of second year, I was trying to use IM2 to provide my hobby.. I tried to connect Internet at least 2 hours per day (IM2’s really expensive at that time, especially they just launched their product).. I started to use MSN messenger, because there is so many features on it (before that, I only use mIRC or YM) There is only few of Sanur’s community that use Internet, especially in till the late night (You know, how ‘kalong’ I am, right? haha).. yup yup.. Most of them prefer to use their night for studying (hahaha.. me too.. of course.. but, I’m tried to be multitasked person.. browsing+studying) So, there is only Cella that appear online till late night… haha.. I always ‘nudge’ her to accompany me in watching World Cup 2006 and ‘force’ her to support Germany :P (wohooooo… I’m one of their biggest fans, since they are 2006’s)

One day, she changed her prof pic.. She did make the picture become awesome.. (matsujun’s pic) Like I said before.. She’s really good, when using adobe photoshop.. Really “BIG WOWWW”..!!! At first, I ‘kepo’ and asked her, “who is someone in your msn avatar?” Then, she gave me ‘Matsumoto Jun’ name.. At that time, she started to like matsujun and really excited (wow.. you will be very amazed, when’s excited about one thing.. Bimbi’s excitement still nothing, compared with her excitement.. that is true.. You better run, when she’s fangirling.. haha.. She will shake and punch everyone around her, screaming, kyaaing, and sometimes running.. haha..) Yup, at first, when googling Matsujun name, I saw one picture and Cella said that it was his group, ‘Arashi’

Below is my first picture that I like, since the first time I looked at it:


At first, I was thinking that: “wooowww… There’s 5 persons and their face is all same..!?!? hahahaha.. I couldn’t differentiate them.. Wooowww… and some of their pictures are so gay-ish.. hahahahaha…” I think, the picture is so Alay.. 5 boys.. bleaching their hair.. childish.. have similar face, grab each other (so gay, right? hahaha), etc.. But, I saw that both of them has ‘Angel Smile’ and ‘Hard worker and dreamer eyes’.. haha.. That is really interesting, especially they have ‘beautiful face’ yah, mulus, lah klo diperhatiin (I really love beautiful men.. khukhu..).. I thought, it was really cute.. (I’ve just realized that the photo is taken in 2002.. It was seen from Matsujun’s hair in Gokusen Film.. ☺)

After that, I asked her, “then, what is Arashi?”, blablabla.. Actually, that was one of my ‘keponess’ habit to get one interesting topic (-____-)” —>sorry, so I could still have a friend to talk in MSN.. haha.. Then, she start to introduce me to ‘Arashi’ and give me link to youtube (I opened it randomly, just to kill my free-time.. hihi..).. Because of the ‘lemotest’ and ‘leletest’ of my ISP, the video is played repeatedly in the beginning part only..


That was my first impression, when only heard the SMALL part of it (not the full song).. "I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG”, after hear the full song.. (The truth is I did not shut my computer down for a week, just to keep the video and only ‘sleep’ my computer, so I could hear the song so many times—> My internet connection is paid hourly, so I did this to keep the file) I didn’t really know why, but I, who always not like music in whole my life (just a little) really attracted to them.. Their song is really easy-listening.. Trust me.. and "I really love the rhythm..!!" It is really ‘WRAUR’.. (I will use Indonesia here.. pokoknya, bener2 ngga bisa diungkapin sampe skrg.. bahkan berkali2 gw dengerin lagu ini, selalu ada perasaan KANGEN berlebih akan lagu ini dan membuat gw selalu ngga puas untuk mendengarnya, walau udah gw putar ratusan kali.. ngga pernah gw bosen sama lagu ini.. weird)

I just loved this song so badly.. The title song is PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE.. hem.. weird name, right? hahaha.. I don’t even know the meaning of the title, till this time.. The lyric does not even contain the pika★★nchi or double text.. haha.. But, if seeing the English translation you will know the meaning and I love it.. ☺ ☺ ☺

This is the song PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE, if you interested.. But, fyi, Cella and other of my friend did not think this song as their favorite song.. haha.. (Actually, I have unique taste of music.. For example, I only love ‘broken confession’ from all fruit ‘n salads’ songs.. Even though there are so many new songs, I JUST CAN’T MOVE MY HEART.. ☺) But, All Arashi’s song is really can boost my mood up.. When I sad, I will always can cheer myself up when hearing their song (that is so miracle).. I love them, as Arashi.. Not only Matsumoto Jun, or Ninomiya Kazunari, or Masaki Aiba, or Ohno Satoshi, or Sakurai Sho only.. I just can’t move from their song and their voice.. (till now)..
There is a reason behind why I don’t like music or the exact word is “I CANNOT HEAR MUSIC”, because I will get some headaches if hear music.. Maybe sometimes, if I have another free-time, I will share it.. ☺

This is some avatars that Cella made.. Even though just small avatars, she designed it very well.. Really good, I thought.. haha:

Thx to her.. :) :) :) Miss her already..

I’ve started my journey to search all about Arashi, when I joined Arashindo.. After several ‘forces’ from omce.. haha.. Arashi means ‘Storms’ or ‘Badai’.. They started their debut in Hawaii.. I also CHANGED my IM2 butut into uninet (24hours ISP) that paid monthly.. That is the first time I became the real downloader or leecher:

Yup.. The date is 13 September 2006.. I joined 2 days before Arashi’s 7th Anniversary.. (It’s more than 7 years, since I became their proud fans) hoho.. They are the first Arashi’s community in Indonesia.. They launched their website Agustus 20, 2006.. Yup.. That’s why I became member number 63.. hoho.. from thousand or maybe ten thoussand or hundred thousand member.. hoho.. Love this.. But, now becauce of all ‘busy activities’ in SBM, I only just a passive member.. hahay..

After several years, I became more interested and attracted with their movement.. I downloaded ALL their stuffs.. hoho.. Finally, I bought Arashi’s stuff is around 2 years ago.. That was my first time.. That is really sad, because all their stuffs is expensive.. Below is Arashi’s calendar, include their photos (of course.. hihi) It include their cook book (Redo will love this.. hoho.. But, I will only scan this.. I will not let other touch it.. *lebay mode on.. haha*)..

(pic: Aiba, Sho, Nino)

(Ohno, Jun, Sho)

Their picture.. fufu.. af course there also calendar (but not really significance)
(nino in April month)

(example of their recipe and of course photo again)

Yup2.. hoho.. I also have 3 more stuffs.. Most of them LIMITED EDITION albums.. khukhukhu.. I’m very proud to have it.. Each kind usually available in 2 edition (regular edition and limited edition.. It is very hard to get the boku no miteiru no fukei’s album.. I almost give up, but thank God, my sister’s husband helped me to get this pre-order in Japan.. yeeyyy.. Thank you.. Here is the 2 of it..


There is still one my biggest dream that must be hard to be achieved.. But, I still believed that I WILL avhieve it someday.. :) :)


That is enough, even if I can only ‘see’ them from far.. No matter how far it is.. Because I know, it is very hard to make them come in Indonesia.. That is really hard to for foreign people to see their concert.. (because of that d*mn rules created by the management (you know, laa).. :( The one that can buy the ticket concert needs Japan’s permanent address, bla bla bla.. and also because of my limited budget.. I cannot afford it now.. I really hope this.. I hope they will keep close each other, so I can see them in the next 10 years or maybe 20 years again.. AMEEEENNN…) I hope they will concert in somewhere around Indonesia.. Hoping they will do the ‘Arashi Around Asia’ tour again.. So, I can save my money..

Why the title is ‘All My First’? Because it storied about My First Matched Friend, My First experience in knowing Arashi, My First Passion to achieve something by my strength, and My First in targeting my ‘Biggest Dream’ in my live.. :)


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