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I dedicate this LiveJournal as my media to share my story about Arashi related things..

Hello, I'm Bollybear, but people in this fandom (usually) simply calls me 'Beary'. I'm an Indonesian and a proud Arashian since 2006
*Yeaaayy.. Reaching my 10th year in this fandom*.. :) :)

I'm the type of fangirl that is passive, but when I want to write something, I overdid it. haha.. I usually create a really looonngggg post. haha.. *sorry for that* I used to be an active member, but not anymore, since I have to do my work to feed myself. The only thing that I can do are getting daily update on Arashi-related thing and downloading their latest stuff. hehe.. I'm also the type of fangirl that feels excited when I watched Arashi' stuffs by myself only, because in that way, I can concentrate more in admiring them.. hehe.. :) :)

BUT, that's okay, I'm an extrovert person and I reaaaaally love to make friends, so you can start chatting or asking me anything and I will reply it nicely.. :) :)

Currently, I'm working in one of World's 5-Star Airlines (boasting, but that's true.. haha..) and truthfully, that's my dream to join the company, since I knew Arashi. Why? Because I need free airplane tickets to LIVE watch Arashi in Japan, cause they didn't want to leave Japan to see me.. haha.. lol.. Glad, that I could achieve my dream to join the company in 2013 and watch their first concert in 2014 (after 8 years dreaming.. T.T) and recently their 2015 concert. It's also great that my older sister married a Japanese man and moved to Japan in 2013, so that I can go back and forth to their place freely.. :) :)

Okay, that's my brief introduction.. Thank you..


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