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Like my previous post said before (1 month ago), so here is the summary of the concert report of Digitalian Concert on 28.11.2014 (2nd day of Osaka performance):

1 Asterisk

Like I said in my previous post, I cried so much hearing and seeing them from the first song. "Yume wa past time First time".. Yup.. Like my feeling.. Yume wa past time (dreaming of past time) and First Time.. For me, Asterisk was a good choice as a starter. It really energized the dome and the new song also catchy enough. At the beginning, all the fan lights synchronically changed its color into white (is there whitee..!?!? I thought the fan light could only change its color into 5 main colors only).. It really brought us the 'digitalian' feeling.. "universe universe" "satellite satellite" "fantasy" "supernova"

2 Take Off!!!!!
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Hellooooo... I'm Baaaacccckkkkk...

Hihihihihihi... Sorry for missing in action.. :P

So, for anybody that curious of my story, I will update my journey hereee.. In summary, finally, I went to Japan from 21-30 Nov 2014 (finally back to Japan after 10 years) and fulfil my dream to meet Arashi (after 8 yeaarrsss...!! **\ (T.T) /** BANZAI..!!)

I watched them with my own eyes at Digitalian concert on 28 November 2014 (the second day of Osaka performance). I bought the fan club (fc) ticket through online seller (with price almost 6x higher than the normal price and bad seat position at the very back line) a week before the performance date. I bought the ticket with knowing the consequences that there's possibility that I could anytime be kicked from the venue, because there's possibility that they would randomly check the name printed on fc ticket with your ID card. Yup, high risk high return. Remembering my 8 years of hardship, there's no way to back to my country, without trying all of the opportunities to watch them.

Oh, btw, actually I also tried to buy the ticket through general ticket sales (via phone), with some help of my sister, my brother in law and his mother (using more than 4 phones). But, it's very difficult to get it (even after more than 500 times of calling). *sigh*

Back to the story, 2 days after the payment, the ticket were coming and the name of the member was a MAN. *DAAAANG..!!* Okay, I'm not a Japanese and I'm not a man. This matter worried me the most. Whatever it's, at least I've tried it. With the help of my brother in law, he helped me to write a fake letter (using the member's name), saying that I'm his friend and saying that he supposed to attend the concert with me, but couldn't attend the concert.. blah blah blah..

At the concert day, I went there near the afternoon to buy the concert goods (after observing several days, got a clue that the goods lining were not that long in the afternoon) and set my Fan light inside Digitalian Area. I spent 10000yen to buy the goods, but still not enough to buy all things. I prioritized it to buy shopping bag (1800), rolling stamp (800), group poster(800), pouch(1000), fanlight(2500), mini uchiwa(400), venue limited edition medal (600), and pamphlet (2200). It's done less than 1 hour and I've a lot of free time from 1pm until 6pm (the gate opened at 4pm) and rounding around aeon mall accompanied by my sister. Lunch and shopping.

Near the 4pm, we went back to the gate area and short lining were there. Worriedly, I went to the checking area by myself (my sister didn't join me) and my heart was racing so fast. BUT, luckily, they only check my luggage whether I brought camera or not and they didn't check the name on the ticket at all.. GOSH.. Then, confidently, I searched the door number upstairs and my seat number. I was confused, because they security check was only once (in my country, they did twice to thrice security checks). I can also brought my own foods and drinks and they didn't care at all. The only thing that they cared the most were camera, video, and any copyright things. If you're caught, they would ask you to remove the photos and check whether your phone took any photos inside or not (I've seen they caught 2 groups did this and they waited beside them to ask them to remove the photos).

The area were still empty, till 5pm, and it's killing me, because they securities always rounding there to check the area (I've heard one story that there's possibility that they will ask to check your ticket and id inside the area). fiuh.. Those 2 hourrsss was killing meeeeee...

Actually, I was surprised, because this is the first time I've seen a concert that was really 'neat' and not crowded at all (compared to all korean concert in my country). Then, the area was full 15 minutes before the time.. WOOWW.. really neat and on time.. Maybe because all of the tickets has specific seating numbers, so you didn't have to tackle or scratch or push others to get good seat.. hihi.. Even the arena (or festival area) was all numbered seating. Oh gosh, when will my country have this kind of neat concert..

Finally, 6 PM..!!

They switched all the lamp off and the concert was started.. All the fan lights automatically changed its color with the intro of Asterisk.. THEN, I hear their live voices.. Unconsciously, my tears were dropping and couldn't stop. Sounds like a drama, but I've seen a flash filmstrip of my long long 8 years journey. What kind of all things that I've done before (see my previous post) to be here to watch them directly with my own eyes. I couldn't believe it.. "Am i dreaming?"

Thank you, God.. Finally, I could see them..

Haha.. Sorry, but this post has already long enough.. I will continue my story (the concert report) later in the next part.. Will also add some photos to this post later.. Byee..
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Hehe.. After bought arashi passport case and sport shoes that I've mentioned in previous posts, so today I bought hand gloves.. hahahaha..

Actually, this hand gloves is really interesting. haha.. Why? Because I can still wear my touch-screen-gadgets without removing the gloves..

Don't really know if this is common or not in four seasons country, but I found it very amusing.. haha.. Because this is my first time knowing this fact.. hehehehe..

Below some pics:


Yup, you can see it. In the tip of thumb and index finger, your can see glowing parts. It is the one that allow me to use gadget with the gloves on.. haha.. Truthfully, I don't really like the design of the hand gloves, because of the furry part.. haha.. But, it's the only model that is 'gadgetable'.. hihi..

Btw, Happy Birthday, Juuuuunnn...!! Hope you all the best, my dear..
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Haha.. Yup.. I bought it through online service. Haha.. It took for almost more than 2-3 weeks, because of The Eid/Lebaran Day (they closed the online shop around 1-2 weeks).


So, basically, the process is really simple:

1. Imagine the design that you want it the most in your passport case

if you're creative enough, you can create your own design or if you're lazy enough to waste your time to create new design, maybe you can just pick from the sample/copy other person's design. In my case, I chose their passport case design sample, then customized it on my own (change the picture or change the texts).

Here my design. For the front page, I chose Arashi's logo with my name on it (just to differentiate it with others and like some prestige to put my nickname below Arashi's logo.. haha.. I'm also afraid that other fans will steal it.. :P :P haha.. Just kidding). Below the 'Passport' word, I put the sentence "Key to Happiness". Why? So simple, because without my passport, I can't go to Japan/other countries.. hehe.. :P


At the back page, I put my own definition about 'Journey.' In my own definition, journey is 'my decision to choose any path to achieve my dream.' Yup. MY DECISION, because if I want, I can choose other companies other that my current company (airlines). But, it's absolutely my decision to chose paths that can lead me to achieve my dream. MY DREAM is ARASHI. Arashi for dream.


2. Contact the vendor
3. Discuss your design with them and choose the passport case colour

They are willingly to help in designing your passport case (of course with additional fees). I chose the brown colour. Simply, because the material is suede. I don't really know how to clean it, so I pick the safest colour and of course because I like brown.

Here is the inside of the passport case:


You can put your ticket/card inside it.

4. Finalize the final design and approve it
5. Pay them and give your delivery address to them
6. Wait nicely and patiently for the final products. :) :)
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Finally, bought a sporty shoes. haha.. The last time I have it was more than 5 year ago.. haha.. Since the last one had broken, I only collected the flat shoes or heels.

But, I need a sporty shoes to complete my list to the Japan trip.. haha.. Because of the fall/winter season and I will need it to long walking. So, this week, I bought the Adidas shoes. yeaaayyyy... *celebrating* Below is the picture of my new shoes:


Hihi.. with some help from my friends, I chose this one. This is Adidas Originals Dragon W. Here some details if you never heard of Adidas Dragon (I also never heard of it.. hihi):
"Dragons are a welcome addition to the Adidas line of retro running shoes. They have rubber soles, and suede and mesh uppers. They feature the classic three stripes design on the sign, and the Adidas flower on the heel. They have cushioned foot beds and mostly flat gum outsoles. Adidas Dragons come in men and children's sizes. The children's version has Velcro closure, instead of laces."

Kind of funny, because this dragon line is rarely to find (I bought it not from official Adidas store, but inside debenhams-department store). Hem.. Maybe, it's not produced anymore. Or maybe like the description above, currently they are only producing it for men and children. hem.. not sure. I'm really lucky to find it (also with hidden discounted price) hahaha.. So, in general, this shoes are really light.. The approximately weight is 300-400gr. VERY LIGHT, riiiggghhttt.. hahahaha.. The mesh upper also gave some cooling effect in the hot weather. On contrary, warm effect in the cold weather. Hopefully, it's strong enough to join my journey in Japan.

Haha.. Actually, there's also some hidden motive in choosing Adidas brand. Becauseee, I'm falling in love with Germanyyy, especially Germany National Football Team (since 2006.. Yup, like I stated on my previous post. I love their performance in 2006. Because of them, I got a chance to know Arashi.. :):):) )
Yuhuuu... I also want to buy their anthem jacket, but the price is really expensive.. Hopefully, my friend will buy it for me for my birthday.. haha.. :P :P *I wish*
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Here I reveal some list of things, which take into my consideration, to support my end-of-Nov-2014 trip:

1. Getting a round-trip airline tickets

Like I stated in my other posts before, currently I'm working in Airline company for more than 1 year. That's why I can claim my right to have a free ticket.. kehkehkeh (finally).. So, I will pass this point with more ease.. haha.. *my hard-works finally will be paid*

So, I will book it sometime in September/October (before applying for Visa), with following some internal procedures (will not mention it here). Hopefully, there is available seats for employee, so that I can follow my plan at the end of Nov.

2. Preparing passport

Of course this is needed the most..

Yeay.. I've finally renew my passport for the 3rd time and by MYSELF. It was on May/June 2014. Hahaha.. Using the new procedure, to renew passport through online way. Haha.. kind of new experience, but the system is not that bad, especially when you go to the 1st Class Immigration Office (I went to Soekarno Hatta Immigration Office because near my office.. kehkeh.. Btw, this is 1st class and special immigration office.. You should try this one..)

Haha.. little bit disappointed with my photo there.. hukz.. will do better for next passport renewal. Oh, I regret that I didn't apply for the e-passport, because of the late announcement of new regulation by Japanese Embassy for Indonesia (about Indonesian that can pass Japan without visa, but they must have e-passport). If I knew it, I will make e-passport.. T.T

3. Making the itinerary

Actually, at the beginning of 2014, I've already made the itinerary for Tokyo Trip, sonce my sister and my brother-in-law worked there. But, he got transferred this June to Osaka, so I've create a new itinerary to visit Osaka. The itinerary is for 11 days and 10 nights. Mostly will go to some temples, museums, palace, garden/mountain (to watch the beautiful fall scenery), amusement park (Universal Studios Japan & Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan), etc. Will also visit Kobe, Nara, and Himeji. haha.. I made it with help from,, and other useful blogs. Just pm me if you want to get the details.

Kind of tight schedule.. But hopefully will still get some good things and get to go to watch concert.

4. Preparing all accommodations

For the stays, mostly I will stay at my sister's apartment (this really saving a lot of cost) and for the transportation there, will use mostly trains or buses. Haha.. I have already planned to only go to places that is easier to reach by public transportation. Then I also write down the transportation to go there in my itinerary plan. I managed it using This is a very useful website to get information about the public transportation in Japan (includes time, price, schedule, alternative ways, etc.)

5. Getting a Visa to enter Japan

Will try to apply it on September/October, after arrange the plane ticket, etc. Maybe it will be easier to use family visiting visa. haha.. so that, I will use my brother-in-law financial reports, instead of mine (didn't have much savings there.. kehkeh)

Maybe I will share the story later. But for now, I've already collected some information regarding the application and gathering all the data/materials needed

6. Getting the ticket concert

Will try some luck and help from my sister to get tickets to watch the concert. We didn't have the membership, and we thought that it will not effective to join membership these days, because there will be a lot of fans that also try to apply. The balloting system also pissing me off.. haha.. So, the probability is small enough.

The things that we will do is trying to get some luck, if there is general ticket selling, or maybe using other ticketing service, like, or else. And the most pathetic is buying it on the spot.. haha (begging others to sell their spare ticket).. hahaha.. the most random way right.. Hem.. if there is a will, there is a way.. Will pray to get the tickets. But, we will avoid to use auction way. Just don't like that kind of way and it's illegal (also disrespecting Arashi in some way)

7. Preparing other things (that will support my trip and concert's watching, also because end of Nov is Fall/Winter's season)

Yup.. End of Nov is between Fall/Winter Season. So, when I'm living in two seasons country, I really need to buy some things to support my body in unusual season, like fall/winter/summer. So, here some list of things that comes to my mind:
- Long Johns
- Winter Coats
- Hand Gloves
- Earmuff
- Scarf
- etc. (ex: thermal socks)

Then, to support my dream to watch the concert, here some things:
- Binoculars
- Camera (maybe with monopod.. kehkehkeh..)
- Concert goods (maybe I will just buy it on the spot)

Also, other things that can support my travel, like sunglasses (!?), cute passport cover, safety belt for luggage, and shoes (haha.. I only own flat shoes/high heels.. do not have the one that suitable for sports/long walks.. The last time I had it was 5 years ago.. kehkehkeh. So, it's time to have one, right.. hehehe)

Haha.. That's all.. See you..
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